Why You Should See a Podiatrist

by John

The feet and ankles come out of hibernation; even if you feel ready to hit the sand and treks, your feet might not be prepared. Running too soon and engaging in high-impact activities might impact your feet’ health. Moreover, your feet might be susceptible to injuries due to diabetes, arthritis, poorly fitting shoes, and overuse; thus, it may be wise to see a podiatrist. You should look for an Alamo Heights podiatrist who can diagnose, treat and prevent foot and ankle injuries and conditions. Frequently visiting a podiatrist might prevent these injuries and health complications; you should plan on seeing the expert if you suffer from these conditions.


Diabetes makes your feet prone to injuries as people with the condition can lose sensation on the feet. Your feet might develop ulcers which are hard to treat due to the high blood sugar. Thus, seeing a podiatrist frequently will alleviate diabetic feet and improve your health. You can stick with a healthy nutrition exercise plan and take the diabetes medications as required to reduce the foot problems.

Heel Pain

Your heel might experience pain due to a heel spur or injury; it is easy to overlook the heel pain, but it is better to see a podiatrist. Heel pain might cause inflammation in the joint and impact the tendons and surrounding muscles. Your podiatrist will examine the heel and develop a treatment plan which improves your life quality.

Ingrown Toes

Although you can prevent ingrown toes, sometimes it might be challenging to prevent them, and the toe grows into the skin causing fungal infections. The ingrown toe might be red or get lots of drainages; your doctor might remove part of the ingrown toe and apply antifungals and antibiotics to deal with the infections. They will discuss preventive strategies which ensure the ingrown toes do not recur. You can shape the toes frequently and maintain good foot hygiene to prevent ingrown toes.

Running and Engaging In Exercise

You might not know how much impact your feet can handle; running and fast-paced walking might predispose the feet to injuries. You may experience shin splints, aches, and other conditions; The podiatrist may note any potential problem and develop strategies to prevent the issues when running. They may suggest the best athletic shoes which prevent injuries. When starting exercise, you may engage a physical therapist as they develop less stressful exercises and increase the intensity as the muscles become accustomed to the exercises.

Trauma to the Ankle or Foot

Sprains and strains from trauma may impact your ankle and foot; the injuries might cause chronic pain and reduce the range of motion. A podiatrist will examine the foot and offer the best treatment to alleviate the pain; the pain might be associated with inflammation. You may experience swelling, trouble walking, redness, and increased pain. Thus, an injury might be the first reason to see a podiatrist.

Feet and ankle injury might lead to chronic pain, making it hard to engage in everyday activities; thus, you can see a podiatrist for effective treatment. A podiatrist will treat diabetic feet, trauma to the feet, ingrown toes, and painful heels. Good luck seeking treatment for your feet.

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