Why should you pursue your DNP, and how will it help your nursing career?

by John
Nursing Career

Nursing is a key part of the overall healthcare system and right on the front line of patient care. If you already work as a registered nurse, you will know just how vital your role is. While RN roles have lots going for them, many people within nursing look to move into more advanced positions over time. 

It usually requires some study to do this though and a Doctor of Nursing Practice qualification is a great place to begin. This high-level program is the pinnacle of nursing for students and now is a great time to get yours. But why is this? 

Why is now the right time to get your DNP? 

Firstly, the changing face of healthcare education means it has never been easier to access top-class DNP programs from the country’s best universities. This digital revolution means that online learning is offered by many institutions and makes it much more feasible to earn a DNP – even if you are already working. 

The University of Indianapolis DNP programs are a case in point and offer a convenient, flexible way to study for this degree. Offering excellent support for students and world-class learning, they demonstrate why now is the right time to earn your DNP. 

In addition to this, the changing needs of the nation’s healthcare sector mean the demand for people with DNP qualifications is higher than ever. By choosing to obtain yours at a time when people with DNP awards are highly sought after, you should find it easy to move into the role you want post-graduation. 

How can getting a DNP help your nursing career? 

The most obvious benefit is that it qualifies you to work in more advanced roles. This means you will be able to progress in your career post-graduation and have a much wider variety of senior-level jobs available to apply for. Without your DNP, it is impossible to work at a more advanced level in nursing and access more specialized jobs in areas such as nutrition

Another career benefit that gaining your DNP can offer is financial. As in any other industry, the roles you can move into afterward are a step up in terms of pay. This is recognition of the expert knowledge you have gained, the value you add to any facility and the investment you have made to earn your DNP. 

Earning a Doctor of Nursing Practice will also boost your career due to the new skills you pick up when studying for it. Whether it is honing your leadership skills or brushing up on your people skills, you will find that earning DNP arms you with new skills that positively impact your career. 

Pursuing a DNP is a great career choice

When you take the above into account, it is easy to see how this qualification is a sensible career choice for any ambitious nurse. It not only helps you become a more skilled professional but also provides access to a broader variety of high-level roles. With the demand for people in these kinds of jobs currently so high, now is the ideal time to act. 

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