When to consider visiting a Back Pain Specialist for Special Treatment

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Causes of Back Pain

Back pain problem is increasingly becoming a challenge to most patients who visit health facilities. Studies show that about 8 percent of all adults experience different forms of back pains which may be persistent or chronic. This condition is becoming expensive to manage, leading to disability payment and missed days at work or costly therapy sessions. Back pain specialists like Dr. Ioannis Skaribas Houston recommend that when you begin to see these symptoms below in your lower back, you need to book an appointment with a spine specialist.

1. When Experiencing Acute or Chronic pain

When you experience back pain for over three months, it is considered chronic. On the other hand, the pains in your back that last for less than three months are known as acute. You may experience pain in your back for over three months, but it may not necessarily mean you take it to a specialist. However, if the chronic pain you develop comes with other problems, it would be an excellent idea to see a specialist. The appointment will be essential to find the root cause of the pain.

2. Source of Pain

Typically, some back pain may begin when you engage in activities that you can remember well, such as skiing or gardening. This type of pain occurs when you take anti-inflammatory medication, stretch or use heating pads. They can disappear on their own.

Suppose you develop some pain which you cannot remember what happened to you. It would be best to visit a back pain specialist for a diagnostic test.

3. Leg Weakness

When you develop numbness or weakness on your crotch, legs, or hips, which will not disappear after several days, this could be a sign that a severe condition is about to affect your nerve sac, which could be compressing your lower back spine.

4. Traumatic Injuries

In some severe cars, when you are involved in car accidents, you develop serious injuries when playing sports or after a fall. This could have impacted the disks situated in the spine vertebrae (or bones) to split or break. Usually, this causes a lot of pain.

5. Unexplained Weight Loss

Supposing you lose more than five pounds in a week for many weeks, this could be alarming as you could be developing a cancerous tumor. Book an appointment immediately with a back pain specialist.

6. When you Experience pain Traveling Down your Leg

You may develop a condition called Radiculopathy. This is when an injury occurs to your spinal nerve or maybe inflamed or compressed. When this sensitive nerve center experiences some challenges, its pressure can lead to pain moving down to your back and legs.

7. When you Experience Challenges performing your Daily Activities

Many people may experience back pains which may not stop them from performing specific duties like driving to work or performing their daily chores. However, when the type of back pain you experience prevents you from achieving your daily chores. It’s advisable to visit a back pain specialist.

If you experience these symptoms and others that may worry you that you are developing a back or spine condition, please request an appointment for an evaluation with our specialist. At expert pain, we provide a wide range of back pain treatments.

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