When It Comes to Your Teeth, Procrastination is a Nasty Word

by John
When It Comes to Your Teeth, Procrastination is a Nasty Word

A prestigious dental consultancy provided us with their process of how they take care of your teeth. This will give you some idea of their operating procedure and what to expect from them.

Taking care of your teeth and gums has been our primary goal and driving force since we first opened our doors here in Bellevue nearly three decades ago. And in order to accomplish this goal, our dentists and staff are constantly upgrading their own skills through education, seminars and workshops.

We continuously train in the use of the latest dental technologies and materials, discarding old techniques and practices that no longer benefit you, our patient. Likewise, we go to great lengths to educate our patients about dental care. We take the time to outline options for the various procedures we offer, and we help you determine which technique best fits your needs.

General dental treatments that we perform on a routine but thorough basis include maintenance dental cleanings, fillings of all sorts — including gum line fillings and tooth-colored fillings — as well as veneers and crowns. But along with these procedures, we offer comprehensive examinations; digital dental technology; periodontal screenings; deep periodontal cleanings; advanced periodontal treatment, which includes bone regeneration; dental gum recontouring; implants; and gum grafts.

Near the top of our list of priorities is preventing future problems by diagnosing gum disease and treating it before it gets worse. Our goal is to curtail dental emergencies by treating potential problem areas such as defective fillings and decay before they become urgent issues that requires much more extensive (and expensive) treatment.

By taking a proactive stance and nipping potential problems in the bud, many of our patients go on to enjoy decades of good dental health without major issues. And that’s the whole idea.

By investing in good dental care today, you’re rewarded with a healthy, low-maintenance smile in the future. For those who are counting the months until full retirement, a well-planned dental regimen now can pay off big time in reduced costs during those retirement years. And that’s an investment with a 100 percent return!

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