When do you need a Foot Specialist?

by John
need a Foot Specialist

The ability to walk, run, or even move around is made possible by the complex nature of your feet. Its meshwork of tiny bones and cartilages offers a variety of angles in which injuries can occur. These injuries may be due to lifestyle habits or accidents. Foot injuries inhibit your ability to move around and may require medical attention from a foot specialist. There is a board-certified foot surgeon New York, NY, with renowned expertise in dealing with all foot problems.

Who is a Foot specialist?

A foot specialist is a physician with expertise and knowledge in diagnosing, managing and treating ankle, foot, and leg issues. Many foot care specialists are known as podiatrists.

Foot care specialists do not attend traditional medical school. They go to podiatric schools but can be able to reset broken bones, do surgery, order lab tests, and prescribe drugs.

Foot problems may often require consultations between foot specialists and other specialists dealing with issues affecting your lower legs or feet.

Conditions that may require a Foot Specialist

Foot problems affect everyone and include:

·         Sprains and Fractures – Injuries to your ankle or foot are common to athletes as they use them constantly for their various sports. These injuries may require treatment and close monitoring by foot care specialists.

·         Diabetes – This is an ailment characterized by improper use of or insufficient insulin hormone responsible for sugar digestion. This may damage the nerves found in the legs or feet, leading to your feet not getting enough blood. Any sores or injuries to your feet may require the services of a foot specialist due to the increased risk caused by diabetes.

·         Bunions and Hammertoes – When the joint at the bottom of your big toe becomes bigger or gets moved out of place, it forms a bunion. A bunion has its toe facing the others while a hammertoe faces the other direction.

·         Arthritis – Arthritis condition affects your joints. Considering your foot has thirty-three joints, it is prone to arthritis characterized by swelling, inflammation, and pain. This necessitates the need for a foot specialist to provide physical therapy, prescribe drugs, or recommend special shoes to inhibit the symptoms of arthritis.

·         Heel Pain – Bad-fitting shoes, obesity, and frequent running may result in pain and discomfort in your heel. This may be due to heel spurs which result from calcium buildup at the bottom of your heel bone. Foot care specialists offer treatment through medication or shoe inserts known as orthotics.

·         Growing Pains – A foot care specialist can come in handy if your child’s feet look flat, point inwards, or their toes do not line up correctly. They offer treatment through braces, exercises, insoles, or recommended surgery.

·         Nerve problems like Morton’s Neuroma are treated by pain and inflammation shots or orthotics.

Taking good care of your feet, especially if you have underlying conditions like diabetes, is crucial to maintaining your overall health. It is pretty easy to forget to care for your feet but developing this habit may save you from future complications. Check out our website for any foot injury inquiries or visit our offices in Midtown East, NY.

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