What You Should Know About Anti-Aging Medicine?

by John
Anti aging

There is no avoiding it: everybody will grow old if they are fortunate. However, just because you are getting older does not imply becoming sicker, even though it might appear that way at times. Boynton Beach, FL age management physician Dr. Rolando Alvarez does not have a magic injection or pill to provide you with that halts the natural aging process. Nonetheless, Dr. Alvarez has tools in his anti-aging medicine toolkit that could assist you in maintaining your optimal health as you age. Check out this post to learn more.

Anti-aging medicine is the opposite side of the functional medicine coin. If you stay as functionally healthy as possible, you will also age healthily. Here is what anti-aging medicine at PharmXhealthOne constitutes:

Nutrition and Supplements

One of the most important aspects of excellent health is nutrition. As the saying goes, you are what you consume. Unfortunately, even the most meticulously planned diet might result in shortages.

Dr. Alvarez provides a complete nutritional review as well as bloodwork to assist his patients in finding areas for improvement depending on their circumstances. If you require supplements, he can help you select the appropriate ones.


Have you ever encountered somebody who said they could not sit down or were not sure whether they could stand again? When it concerns your health, this is a reality check.

Regular physical activity assists in maintaining muscle mass, keeping bones more robust for longer, and relieves joint discomfort, even in persons with arthritis. If you are not certain where to begin a fitness program suitable for your age and health, Dr. Alvarez could assist you in developing a plan that fits your lifestyle.

Stress Reduction

Every day, more researchers are linking stress to more chronic health disorders. It is simple to say, ‘You need to minimize your stress levels,’ but Dr. Alvarez provides specific suggestions to do so. At PharmXhealthOne, you can access massage therapy, acupuncture, and many other options that have been proven to reduce stress. Furthermore, factors such as adequate exercise and nutrition might assist you in living a less stressful life.

Other Options For Treatment

Additional services and treatments at PharmXhealthOne that could be classified as ‘anti-aging medicine’ are available. Patients with metabolic difficulties, for example, may discover that hormone therapy allows them to perform at a higher level for more extended periods.

Another typical therapy that falls under anti-aging medicine is radial shockwave therapy. As you grow older, you become more susceptible to chronic and acute pain, reduced libido, erectile dysfunction, and diabetic foot wounds. Radial shockwave therapy can correct these and many other concerns.

Ultimately, anti-aging medicine will not prevent you from aging, but it will assist you in aging gracefully so that you can stay to appreciate life and all it has to offer. The anti-aging medicine approach that Dr. Alvarez employs at PharmXhealthOne is highly customized to ensure that it meets the unique needs of every patient. If you would like to explore the benefits of anti-aging medicine for your health and wellness, schedule a consultation. Call the Port Saint Lucie or Boynton Beach, FL office or use the online scheduling tool.

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