Ways to Treat Age Spots

by John
Age Spotting

As people age, their skin also grows old. For instance, the skin starts to have spots that were not there before. These spots are usually annoying since the individual has not adapted to living with them. Most people usually consider visiting a health facility to correct this situation. The Fort Worth age spots have caused many concerns among many aging individuals. The factors such as unsaturated fats, Vitamin E deficiency, stress, high consumption of unsaturated fats, and exposure to excess estrogen increase the risk of formation of age spots. The following are ways to treat the age spots.

Laser Treatment

An individual can use different laser treatments according to their skin tone, skin color, age spots. Most dermatologists prefer this method to nix the age spots. For instance, this method has a fast recovery time, and when used, an individual will have long-lasting results. For example, the PicoWay laser is usually effective in treating most age spots since it uses the ultra-short picosecond pulses that break the particles of given skin pigmentation. The Fraxel laser treatments are another better option that delivers heat to the skin. This heat vaporizes the pigmented skin cells. In the process, it helps the collagen remodeling in the given deep skin layers while helping to reduce the age spots, causing tighter and smoother skin.

Lightening serums and creams

The lightning creams play a crucial role in reducing the production of melanin. The low production of melanin can help to reduce the age spots. Therefore, if you have the age spots, you can apply different lightning components such as Hydroquinone. The Hydroquinone application to the skin can help reduce the dead skin layer, thus reducing the age spots. However, it would be best to use it effectively since it can have side effects in the long run. The use of vitamin c serum can help avoid spots on the skin by preventing sun damage.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling is another treatment measure that can help to reduce the age spots. The application of the peel is based on its depth. In this case, the specialists apply the acid to the skin region containing the age spots. The main aim is to damage that layer to allow the regrowth of the new skin, which is free from the spots. Notably, you should seek certain chemical peels depending on the condition of the age spots, whether it is severe or not. Also, you should know that different chemical peels have different side effects.


Cryotherapy provides another necessary procedure in the treatment of age spots. Essentially, this procedure involves using a freezing agent such as liquid nitrogen, which the specialist applies to the skin with age spots. The freezing agents cool down and terminate the cell, making pigments that make the spots fade. This procedure is more effective for the small cluster and single age spots. Cryotherapy also helps to improve the softness of the skin as it heals.

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