Top Tips to Have a Glowing Skin Naturally

by John
Natural Skin

Who does not like healthy, bright, glowing skin? As the world bids farewell to colourism and has become more inclusive towards all skin tones, the importance of having a natural glow in your skin has emerged as a major beauty standard and rightly so. Interestingly, this is not something that will require you to plaster layers of foundation on your face or spend thousands on skincare products. You can have healthy skin by simply tweaking your lifestyle.

Get Good Sleep

Your skin is not all about putting tons of expensive products and getting fancy facials from a salon every month. There are basic habits you need to fix to get good skin, and one of those is fixing your sleep cycle. No amount of eye serums will help prevent those dark circles and eye bags if you remain sleep deprived. Bright under your eyes and your natural glow requires you to have a good uninterrupted sleep. A minimum of eight-hour regular sleep cycle is what you should be aiming for. Sleep deprivation means guaranteed dark circles.

Watch What You Eat

Oily pores and acne are one of the most notorious enemies of your skin. They are hard to get rid of and will always show up at the most uninvited times. You can eliminate these uninvited guests and reduce the oiliness of your skin by controlling your diet. Avoid fast foods and greasy foods and add more fresh fruits and green veggies to your diet. Citrus fruits and fresh juices rich in Vitamin C such as orange are a great source of building natural pigment and skin glow.

Drink Plenty of Water

Your skin is made up of layers of cells that are dominated by water. It needs constant hydration to stay healthy and bright. A lot of people suffer from skin issues because their skin is not enough hydrated. You can manage your skin pigmentation significantly by increasing your water intake. 10 to 12 glasses of water should be your minimum water intake daily. Your skin’s water requirement also depends on your skin’s exposure to humid conditions. If you live in a climate that causes a lot of sweating and water loss, you should increase your water intake accordingly.

Take Supplements

Your skin needs plenty of other nutrients and substances such as Zinc, retinol etc that cannot always be fulfilled by your food intake. As a result, you might end up with deficiencies which causes skin problems among other issues. Ageing, wrinkles, loss of pigment and skin darkening are some of the consequences of these deficiencies. You can counter these deficiencies by adding supplements to your daily intake. There are many over the counter natural supplement products available that you can consider. Vietnamese products are one of the best sources of natural supplements that you can try using.

Go Chemical Free

Most beauty and skincare products that we use are unfortunately loaded with chemicals that are not always gentle to your skin. You never know which chemical might react with your skin and you might find yourself ending up with breakouts or burns. Ideally, avoid chemical-based products. You can easily make herbal and natural skincare masks from your kitchen ingredients that are gentle on your skin and show amazing results. If you have to use a product, by all means, you must always do a patch test first.

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