Top 5 Advantages of Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

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Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

One of the most wonderful experiences for parents is seeing or holding their baby for the first time. Thankfully, with developments in medical technology today, you can view your baby in great detail even before childbirth due to pregnancy ultrasounds. Ultrasound utilizes sound waves to develop images of what is within your tummy or, more specifically, uterus. Parents can now choose between black-and-white 2D ultrasounds and more advanced imagery to better understand how their kids will look. Nonetheless, this is not the sole advantage of ultrasounds. To learn about other benefits of ultrasound Lake Nona, check out this post.

       I.            Early Identification of Issues

Ultrasounds can be employed to check for congenital impairments or anomalies in the fetus, allowing care to start as soon as possible. A typical prenatal procedure is the level two ultrasound (anomaly scan) performed between 18 and 20 weeks of pregnancy to look for brain deformities, abdominal wall faults, heart problems, clubfoot, and cleft palate/lip issues. Moreover, a scan at this juncture can assess the number of fluids surrounding the kid and give you a clearer estimate of your due date.

    II.            Keeping Track of The Development of The Kid

Besides identifying possible concerns, your physician could employ ultrasounds to keep track of your kid’s development. When visiting a high-risk physician for prenatal treatment, this is extremely helpful. A woman’s tummy is small early during pregnancy, rendering it hard for a specialist to tell what is going on within with simply a stethoscope. Thus, ultrasounds are employed to check the size of your kid as well as the level of amniotic fluid surrounding it.

Ultrasounds may also help you figure out your kid’s development level by checking its growth over time. For instance, at the 32nd week of pregnancy, the fetus should be measuring 30-33 centimeters. Moreover, ultrasounds may be used to check your baby’s gender.

 III.            Prevent Pregnancy Loss

Ultrasounds are often employed to look for warning signs of a miscarriage. Women frequently have what they mistake for menstruation early in pregnancy. After a few occurrences, most women get worried and seek expert assistance. Ultrasounds can establish whether the bleeding is caused by a benign factor, such as an early miscarriage, or a more serious cause, such as placenta previa. The placenta is located near the bottom of the uterus and covers a portion of the cervix.

 IV.            Checking Fetal Wellbeing During Labor

Ultrasounds may check fetal wellbeing throughout labor, enabling early identification of any concerns that might necessitate expert healthcare, particularly in high-risk pregnancies. For instance, if there is sufficient amniotic fluid to support your unborn baby’s breathing or your kid requires breathing assistance after birth.

    V.            Offers Mental Tranquility

Numerous women are anxious about their developing kid’s health throughout pregnancy. Ultrasounds can identify any possible abnormalities early on, giving expectant mothers peace of mind throughout the nine months. Nonetheless, ultrasounds have limitations in that they do not always reveal everything. For instance, some difficulties might not become apparent until beyond 26 weeks.

Undoubtedly, ultrasounds during pregnancy are a key element in ensuring the healthy development of your kid and safe, successful delivery. Therefore, immediately after recognizing you are pregnant, arrange an ultrasound consultation with the OBGYN physicians at Contemporary Women’s Care. Call the Orlando or Winter Park, FL office or request an appointment online to get started today.

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