Tone your Butts and Improve your Confidence

by John
Tone your Butts and Improve your Confidence

Do you desire a round, toned butt? Do you wish to eliminate the excess sagging skin around your butts? McLean butt lift should be your go-to solution. They offer treatment that removes the loose skin around your butts and gives them a tighter, plumper look. You can get that contour you have always wanted and enjoy an enhanced figure. Always follow your care provider’s instructions if you maintain the long-lasting results of a butt-lift procedure.

What is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift aims to improve the appearance of your buttocks, and your doctor can do it alongside a tummy tuck procedure. Your doctor removes excess fat and skin from your buttocks and then repositions the remaining skin for a more refined look. However, a butt lift does not increase the volume of your buttocks.

Why would you need a Butt Lift?

Aging makes the skin loose, and factors like sun damage, weight changes, and family history may cause the skin not to stretch back. You may require a butt lift if you are overweight and physical activities are not helping. You can also have a butt lift if you want to improve the lower body’s appearance dramatically. Additionally, if you are of healthy weight but you have loose skin from liposuction, you can go for a butt lift. Take note that you may not be a candidate if you smoke, are unstable mentally, have a chronic condition, and plan to lose weight.

How do you prepare for a Butt Lift Procedure?

The first step will be to talk to your plastic surgeon, who will review your medical history by asking questions about your medical conditions. Your doctor will also do a physical exam to help with a treatment option. You may require blood tests. Discuss what you expect after the procedure. Necessary precautions before your surgery will be to avoid smoking, stay away from specific medications, and keep a stable weight.

What can you expect in Butt Lift Procedure?

Your doctor will make incisions from one hip to the other, then pull up the excess skin, thus lifting your buttocks. Your doctor will then remove extra fat and skin. You will get antibiotics to help lower the risk of infection. The procedure can take up to 3 hours if done alone and up to 6 hours if combined with body lift procedures. Your provider will ask you to start walking the same day after the procedure to prevent the formation of clots. You may experience minor pain, but you will have pain medication to help you. Avoid positions straining your incision line so the wound will not reopen. Take care when moving around, and increase your activities slowly. Follow your doctor’s instructions and ensure you attend your check-up visits.

You can get that nice butt you look forward to by visiting Sanctuary Cosmetic Center and getting a simple butt procedure. They have special training and enough experience to give you the best results. You must be patient during your recovery to achieve the best results. Make sure you book an appointment today or make a call.

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