The Single Best Predictor of Health and Longevity

by John

Cardiovascular illnesses stay the main enemy of Americans. Alzheimer’s disease affects more than four million people, and experts believe this number is the growth of the American population aging. What is cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s have in common? Patients with these disorders tend to have high levels of homocysteine.

The medical community awakened to the dangers of high homocysteine in 1996 published an article in the Journal of American Medical Association. A similar article in the New England Journal of Medicine published previously confirmed the finding that homocysteine actually had a close relationship with the development and progression of these degenerative diseases.

Alternative medicine reported the dangers of homocysteine almost two decades before the results hit the mainstream. Recently scientists in Europe have confirmed previous results, and now I think there is a direct link between elevated homocysteine levels and degenerative diseases.

Process of Methylation

For those of you not familiar with homocysteine, an amino acid found naturally in the body. While it is always present in the body when too high values of homocysteine, a biochemical process, such as methylation begins to refuse to make known. Methylation is central to many biochemical reactions and is essential for DNA repair. When DNA repair is not accurate, the cellular mutation will develop. This will lead to accelerated aging. Protein synthesis is negative because DNA damage may be affected. It’s very important to understand that increased concentrations of homocysteine, a disturbance in the process of methylation play in your body.

There is a growing consensus in the scientific community that the lack of methylation is at the root of all degenerative diseases of aging. These include cardiovascular disease, dementia and Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, and over one hundred other medical conditions. Scientists believe that there is a lack of methylation in the lead body to DNA damage and eventually cancerous growths.

The liver is dependent on the need for methylation for the different enzymatic reactions in the body of drugs or any substance that is foreign to the body to detoxify. For the more than 70,000 synthetic chemicals have been part of 1950 for use in processed foods developed. Moreover, there is no artificial sweeteners, artificial colors, and many other chemicals that are finally on the shelves of supermarkets.

Increased concentrations of homocysteine are weakened, and the methylation should be a warning sign that something works in the body properly. However, there is a good team. Researchers agree that the methylation process can be improved, and lower levels of homocysteine can be achieved by nutritional intervention.

In his latest book, The H-factor solution, Dr. James Braly includes more than 100 medical conditions that homocysteine levels are linked to high levels. According to Dr. Braly, and a variety of scientists, a deficiency in the process of methylation is in the heart of degenerative diseases of aging, and homocysteine levels are an accurate indication for the shortage.

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