Reasons Why You Need IV Hydration

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IV Hydration

Your body needs water to function. Besides, water makes up most of your body contents. Proper hydration is therefore critical to ensure optimal body functioning and health. There are various ways to hydrate your body, including drinking water and eating fruits and vegetables. An IV hydration Midtown specialist at Ketaesthetic may also help boost your body fluids and restore your health. Here are helpful details to keep in mind about IV hydration.

What is dehydration?

Dehydration occurs when your body takes out more fluids than it’s taking in. It leads to decreased fluid levels that affect your body functioning, causing uncomfortable symptoms.

Dehydration results from various causes, including:

·         Excessive sweating

·         Severe diarrhea

·         Vomiting

·         Increased urination

·         Fever

Dehydration may also occur when you are not taking enough water. Usually, it’s advisable to drink about eight glasses or 64 ounces of water each day during everyday activities.

When having outdoor exercise in hot weather, you must take about 20 ounces of water an hour before beginning your activity. It’s recommendable to drink smaller amounts of water, among other fluids, every 10-15 minutes to prevent dehydration. After your exercise, you should ensure you take another 16 ounces of fluids to restore fluids lost during sweating.

What is IV hydration?

It’s a treatment method to promote your body fluid levels through an intravenous line. Dehydration causes undesirable effects that may interfere with your daily life activities. You are likely to experience the following if you have dehydration.

·         Fatigue

·         Headaches

·         Constipation

·         Cramping

·         Colored urine

·         Extreme thirst

·         Dizziness

Dehydration affects significant body organs, such as the brain, kidney, digestive system and our blood, interfering with your body function. Hydration is therefore essential in restoring your body function and relieving symptoms.

You can decide to use other hydration methods to restore your fluid levels; however, IV hydration provides fast results. It involves delivering the fluids directly to your blood, enhancing quick recovery and symptoms relief compared to other methods of hydrating.

When do you need IV hydration?

We usually live busy lives, and sometimes it’s normal to experience dehydration, including feeling weak and tired. IV hydration restores your water levels and eliminates symptoms in less than an hour, enhancing a better-rejuvenated feeling. You may need IV hydration in the following situations.

·         After food poisoning

·         When recovering from illness

·         After travel

·         After sports or intense exercise

What are the components of an IV hydration treatment?

IV hydration has saline, which includes a mixture of sodium chloride and water. The saline helps replace your body’s electrolytes levels, essential minerals, and body fluids.

You may combine your hydration with vitamin therapy for excellent results by adding vitamins and supplements to your IV hydration.

Water is life. You require water to survive, and so does your body. Low fluid levels in your body may affect your normal body functioning causing severe effects. Dehydration disrupts your major body organs’ function, causing fatigue, weakness, dizziness, etc. IV hydration helps restore your fluid levels, promoting your wellness.

Call Ketaesthetic today to schedule your IV hydration appointment if you have dehydration.

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