Non-Cosmetic Reasons To Consider Veneers

by John

Veneers, without a doubt, could help you achieve a gorgeous smile. They may make your teeth look whiter and more uniformly spaced, providing you with a celebrity-worthy smile. Nonetheless, while veneers are primarily known for their cosmetic applications, they could also be used for non-cosmetic reasons. In some circumstances, veneers could be a good option for restorations such as crowns and bonding, but they are not always interchangeable. Veneers Waterford specialist Dr. Marvin Taylor insists that recognizing when veneers are a great alternative and when it is not is crucial to understanding all of your treatment care alternatives. Read on to learn some of the popular non-cosmetic reasons men and women choose veneers.

Why Veneers?

Veneers are ultra-thin, customized shells bonded to the front teeth’s surfaces. In terms of color and radiance, each veneer is identical to your actual teeth. Veneers can be composed of composite or resin material. However, porcelain veneers are the most natural-looking option.

Ultimately, veneers enhance the appearance of a patient’s smile. These orthodontic solutions are often used as part of a total smile makeover because they can improve the appearance of teeth by making them whiter and more consistently shaped. Besides, veneers have a long lifespan.

Nevertheless, even if your primary goal is to improve your appearance, veneers could also provide various oral health benefits, including:

Strengthen Weakened Tooth

Veneers are quite thin, yet they could give a weak tooth more strength. If you have a cracked or damaged tooth, a dental veneer could reinforce it; thus, avoiding additional damage. What’s more, placing veneers on a chipped tooth could help avoid the need for a dental crown or other complex dental operations.

Fill Up The Gaps Between Your Teeth

Do you dislike the space between your two front teeth? Perhaps you have gaps between your teeth as well, making you self-conscious whenever you smile. By bridging these gaps, veneers can restore your confidence. However, the advantages extend beyond appearances.

Ununiformly spaced teeth are more difficult to clean as food may become lodged between them, causing tartar and plaque accumulation. The uncovered gum tissue between the gapped teeth may also be affected with time. Veneers fill in these gaps, making it easier to maintain your teeth clean and your gums healthy in the long run.

Halt Deterioration Of Your Teeth’s Enamel

Some people’s enamel is weaker than others, leaving their teeth more susceptible to surface wear and tear. Enamel safeguards your teeth; thus, if it wears away due to erosion from fluids, meals, or other substances, you may have severe tooth sensitivity, heightened decay, and discoloration. Veneers can help safeguard your teeth from further deterioration and reduce your teeth’s sensitivity to cold and hot foods and beverages.

Dental veneers are no longer simply for aesthetics. To learn more about what veneers may accomplish for you, contact Dr. Taylor’s Family Dental Center. At the practice, Dr. Taylor will discuss your concerns and care goals to help customize your care plan to meet your unique needs. Call the Waterford, MI office or use the online scheduling tool to make an appointment today.

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