Many Looking for a Natural Remedy for Diabetes

by John

By reducing your high fat and high sugar intake you can already be on the way to a natural remedy for diabetes. If your Type I or Type II diabetes is controlled, most people can live a normal life. Uncontrolled, however, diabetes can cause an unregulated amount of sugar into the body causing destruction of proteins and organ damage.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, being always thirsty, fatigue and weakness, loss of libido and blurred vision. If you have any reason to believe you may have diabetes consult with a physician for clinical testing to determine whether you do and which natural remedy for diabetes may work for you.

Type I diabetes usually begins in childhood and the pancreas can’t produce insulin causing those with Type I to be dependent on insulin for life. Those diagnosed with Type II diabetes, usually after age 40, the pancreas may still produce insulin but their cells are rejecting what is produced.

Once diagnosed as having diabetes, before beginning any natural remedy for diabetes check with your physician to see if some of the herbal remedies may help you avoid the need for prescription medication.

Mix Lifestyle Change and Herbs to Control Diabetes

The diagnosis for diabetes comes with the need for a change in lifestyle as well as any natural remedy for diabetes because if you don’t change, the benefits of a natural remedy for diabetes won’t help. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables along with whole-grain foods with Vitamin B and chromium have been known to be helpful in controlling blood sugar. Refined and processed foods are also not good for people with diabetes.

One natural remedy for diabetes is the use of gymnema sylvestre, which is a highly regarded Ayurvedic remedy known to eliminate the desire for sweet foods and has been used to control blood sugar levels. Enlarging the portions of the pancreas, which secrete insulin, can be accomplished by using Galega Officinalis.

While ginkgo biloba has no known affect on diabetes, it is one herb used in traditional Chinese therapy to increase blood flow to the brain and eyes, which can prevent diabetes-related damage to vision. Another part of a complete natural remedy for diabetes is chromium, which has been proven to increase the effectiveness of insulin. It may also help create a balanced cholesterol level and reduce the risk for heart disease.

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