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Emsella treatment

As you undergo some life events like delivery, weakening of the pelvic floor muscles occurs in most cases. As a result, it affects your body’s function like when urinating. Usually, you end up suffering from urinary incontinence, which is a condition that is due to a loss of control of your ability to urinate. It affects both men and women but is common in women. Usually common in pregnant women or those that have had childbirth because, in the process, the pelvic floor muscles are usually weakened or damaged. Therefore, making it challenging for you to hold urine causes leakage. Usually, this condition is treatable using liners, pads, and non-invasive or invasive surgical procedures. Therefore, if you are experiencing any symptoms of urinary incontinence and seek treatment, Aesthetic medical and wellness spa Katy care providers provide a solution to your concerns using non-invasive treatments like Emsella. Let’s learn more about Emsella treatment below.

What are the benefits of Emsella treatment?

Usually, Emsella has various benefits, especially for women diagnosed with urinary incontinence. One of the primary benefits of Emsella is that it is non-invasive and thus does not need surgery. Additional benefits of this treatment include improving your quality of life, strengthening weakened pelvic floor muscles, reducing urinary and fecal incontinence, and improving your sexual performance.

Who qualifies to be a candidate for Emsella treatment?

Women with extremely weak pelvic floor muscles usually suffer from urinary incontinence. As a result, they experience symptoms like urine leakage while coughing or sneezing, frequent urination, leakage of urine when participating in sports or other heavy activities, and abstaining from sexual intercourse because they are afraid of leaking urine while having sex. Therefore, if you begin experiencing any of the above symptoms, you are a good candidate for Emsella treatment. Musella treatment focuses on improving your overall health and quality of life, thus promoting comfort and self-confidence because it treats urinary incontinence. Of importance to note is that Emsella treatment cannot be offered to you pregnant or suffering from any of the following conditions: hemorrhagic condition, heart disorder, electronic implant, malignant tumor, fever, metal implants, pulmonary insufficiency, and cardiac pacemakers.

How does Emsella treatment work?

Generally, Emsella is an FDA-approved device used in treating urinary incontinence. The device typically uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy to stimulate your pelvic floor muscles to regain their neuromuscular control. Usually, a single Emsella treatment can treat several supramaximal pelvic floor muscle contractions. The function of the pelvic floor muscles is to help restore your ability to control urination. 

One Emsella treatment session usually lasts for about thirty minutes. After your consultation, your health caregiver determines which treatment plan is the best for you, the treatments can last for weeks, but your caregiver monitors your progress to ensure your needs are met. It is a comfortable procedure that requires only sitting on a chair as the treatment is being given. You only experience some Kegel contractions during the treatment session.

Urinary incontinence affects your quality of life because it makes your fear engaging in sex. After all, urine can leak at any time. Therefore, if you are experiencing any symptoms of urinary incontinence and are interested in Emsella treatment, you can get started by booking your appointment at Serendipity Lifestyle & Wellness Spa today.

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