Interesting Facts That You Didn’t Know About Arthritis

by John

Arthritis is the most prevalent cause of chronic pain and permanent disability. Arthritis does not have a known cure, but specific pain management techniques can slow down its progression while relieving your symptoms. The Holmdel Gramercy Pain Center team offers safe and effective treatments that guarantee long-term relief from arthritis pain.

What should you know about arthritis pain?

Arthritis refers to more than 100 conditions, each with unique symptoms. Arthritis is a degenerative disorder that affects joints, causing stiffness, swelling, and excruciating pain in the affected joints, limiting your mobility and preventing you from carrying out your tasks effectively.

This painful disorder can affect any joint, including elbows, knees, spine, and shoulders. Arthritis pain may range from throbbing, aching, grinding, or dull pain depending on the type of arthritis and the affected joint. If you experience joint pain that does not improve with over-the-counter pain relievers or worsens over time, inform your doctor immediately. If arthritis is left untreated, it can deteriorate and cause irreversible damage to your joint.

What are the different forms of arthritis?

Any form of arthritis can result in debilitating pain and discomfort. The Gramercy Pain Center addresses the painful symptoms of four forms of arthritis, including:

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

This disorder develops when your immune system attacks your synovial lining (a tough membrane enclosing your joint parts). This disorder causes the synovial lining’s inflammation and swelling, leading to joint pain.

  • Osteoarthritis

This form of arthritis often affects older adults. It causes your joint’s cartilage wear and tear, causing restricted movement and pain. This damage may occur gradually for a long time, but infection or joint injury can hasten the wear-and-tear.

  •  Ankylosing spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis refers to an inflammatory disorder that causes the vertebrae in your spine to fuse. This fusing results in a hunched posture, restricted movement, and pain.

  • Psoriatic arthritis

This form of arthritis occurs in patients with psoriasis, a disorder that leads to red scaly patches on the skin. Psoriatic arthritis can cause pain ranging from mild to severe, affecting any joint in your body.

How can you manage arthritis symptoms?

During your first visit to Gramercy Pain Center, the caring team conducts a comprehensive medical exam to detect the disorder causing your pain. Your provider may also discuss your symptoms and review your health history before recommending the most effective treatment.

After your evaluation, your provider creates an individualized treatment plan that addresses all your needs. Your treatment plan relies on the type of arthritis and the severity of joint damage—the team at Gramercy Pain Center may combine several therapies and medications to maximize the results.

Your treatment plan may include platelet-rich plasma injections, cryoablation, sacroiliac joint injections, steroid injections, peripheral nerve stimulation, and hyaluronic injections. If these interventional pain management treatments fail to work, the team may refer you to a surgeon who may suggest several joint replacement options.

If you suspect that you have arthritis, call the Gramercy Pain Center or schedule an appointment online to begin your journey to wellness.

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