Important Facts About Surrogacy

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Important Facts About Surrogacy

You might want to increase your family, but health or career issues limit your capability. Today, you can get biological children without getting pregnant. Medical advancements have provided a way to achieve your goal of having children even when your body mechanisms indicate you cannot. The OC Fertility embryo transfer Newport Beach services allow parents to bear children to get babies with various limitations. In vitro fertilization is a groundbreaking service that allows doctors to harvest the ova and sperms and implant the embryo into a surrogacy. Therefore, below here, you will learn important facts about surrogacy. 

·         Surrogacy Dimensions

You can consider having another woman carry your baby for many reasons. For instance, you can be suffering from medical conditions that limit your ability to become pregnant. Additionally, you might be struggling with infertility which prevents you from maintaining a pregnancy. Also, you might avoid pregnancy to avoid complications and alteration of your body image. All the reasons you might want another woman to help carry a baby are valid, and doctors will help you with the process without prejudice.

·         Process Of Choosing A Surrogate

After you identify that you need to get babies and help from surrogacy, you will consult your obstetrics gynecologist on the intricacies of using surrogacy. If you have a possible surrogacy, you should allow them to undergo medical screening, and the fertility specialist will determine whether they are suitable or not. Also, if you are blank about who your surrogate should be, you can approach an agency that offers surrogacy services.

Since surrogacy involves external relationships where the surrogacy is your agent, you must review the paperwork. You should consult a lawyer for contract review and signing. The formalization of the process will ensure that none of you breaches the stipulated terms. After you have settled everything and the surrogate is fit to carry the baby, the process begins.

·         Process of Surrogacy

The first step involves deciding how to obtain gametes. You can decide to undergo egg retrieval, and your partner donates the sperms, or the surrogate donates the eggs and has sperms from external donors. After the egg retrieval, the specialist will create the embryo, and the surrogate prepares for the transfer. Embryo transfer is the defining moment for the whole process because it determines implantation. The doctor will request the surrogate to lie down, and through a catheter and ultrasound, the doctor places the embryo strategically in the uterine cavity. After some time, the surrogate will go back for pregnancy testing. After the confirmation of pregnancy, the surrogate will get advice on what to do during the pregnancy. After the full-term pregnancy, the surrogate will give birth, and you will have full custody after the child is born or as agreed on the contract.

Surrogacy is not a complicated procedure when you have an elaborate agreement between everyone involved. At the OC Fertility Clinic, a team of specialists performs the procedure seamlessly, and within nine months, you have a baby. If you consider surrogacy, you can call the clinic today and schedule an appointment.

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