How to Recover from Spine Injuries and Conditions

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The spine is a critical body organ that supports your body structure and conveys nerve messages from the brain to other body parts. It is most flexible, enhancing various body movements. Spinal injuries are fatal and disabling, but with proper care, you can recover. Spine treatments focus on reducing pain and restoring function. The spine specialist Macon, GA, at Spine Center Atlanta, offers customized care using modern and advanced techniques to resolve your health. They provide various services to repair and treat issues related to your spine, including the following.

Back Spine Surgery

Back spine surgery is usually not the first treatment option when treating pain related to spine damage; however, it might be your best option in some cases. It is essential to ensure you are working with professionals to enhance a successful outcome.

The Spine Center Atlanta team has skills and experience in back spine surgery and performs the surgery as an outpatient procedure. They use minimally invasive techniques that allow you to return home the same day.

Unlike traditional spine surgery, minimally invasive surgery differs in the following ways:

Small incision

Minimally invasive surgery uses advanced equipment that requires a tiny incision of no more than an inch long. This is unlike traditional surgery which involves large incisions of up to 6 inches.

Muscle preservation

With minimally invasive surgery, your provider doesn’t cut your muscles, rather, they separate them to create adequate space for the instruments. While open surgery involves cutting through your tissues and muscles.

Your provider works closely with you to determine the most effective back spine surgery procedure, considering your specific issues.

Neck Spine Surgery

The neck is among the most movable parts of your body, making it susceptible to injuries and health conditions.

You may benefit from neck spine surgery when you do not find pain relief with conservative treatments or when you have severe damage. Neck spine surgery focuses on stabilizing your spine, eliminating pain, and reinstating your movement.

You are likely to have neck spine surgery if you have the following conditions:

·         Herniated discs

·         Cervical deformity

·         Spinal stenosis

·         Neck fracture

·         Degenerative disc disease

Extremity Surgery

It involves procedures to repair tissues in your arms, shoulders, knees, and legs due to injuries or orthopedic conditions. Usually, your provider uses conservative treatments before suggesting surgery.

 You may need extremity surgery when you have fractures, severely compressed nerves, or severe soft tissue injuries.

Non-Surgical Treatments

They provide as many effective results as surgery. However, it may mean combining various techniques to enhance a better outcome.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation form the basis of most non-surgical treatments, enhancing healing and restoring your body strength and function.

Non-surgical treatments involve both biological and interventional injections and alternative therapies.

Biologic injections include:

·         Platelet-rich plasma

·         Stem cell injections

Interventional treatments target the exact source of pain, with the help of imaging techniques. They include the following:

·         Facet joint injections

·         Cervical epidural steroid injections

·         Radiofrequency ablation

·         Cervical radiofrequency neurotomy

Alternative therapies are also part of non-surgical treatments. They minimize pain and enhance your body’s natural healing power. They include:

·         Massage

·         Acupuncture

·         Yoga

·         Chiropractic

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