How to Ease Out Your Migraine Pains

by John

Really bothersome to say the least, isn’t it? There are some activities we normally do and food that we take which trigger that classic throbbing pain in our head. We need not worry as there are steps we can do to manage our migraine pains. Carefully follow these and you can definitely have a better, migraine-free life.

Diet and sleep contribute to our well-being. It is better to avoid or limit food or liquid intake that can potentially trigger a migraine. Sodium nitrate, food additives, and monosodium glutamate have been linked to migraine attacks. Eating fresh fish and chicken instead of processed meats will help alleviate the pain. It is also best to avoid drinking too much caffeine and alcohol. In short, we have to be careful with our diet. It is very important toensure that we get enough sleep every day. Try to relax as well since inadequate sleep and stress can trigger migraine. Sleeping in a well-ventilated and darkened room at a fixed hour every evening will help you get sufficient sleep and rest

Doing aerobics, swimming or as simple as going for a walk are great ways to release endorphins, which acts as a natural pain reliever. So, dispel all those pent-up energies and get moving! If you have the time, treat yourself to a soothing massage from a certified therapist. Or, since most of us are too busy, applying cold compresses should do the trick.

There is another way to help treat persistent migraine headaches. Do you know that there is Botox for migraines which is FDA approved? Yes, you read it right. I am talking about surgical means to help you alleviate migraine pains. The results of the studies conducted are remarkable. Botox injections have been discovered to lessen the occurrence of the pain. I suggest that you go for Migraine Treatment Beverly Hills. There are qualified and certified medical practitioners you can consult with to discuss your concerns. You will certainly benefit from this surgical method especially if the pains are affecting your ability to work or worse, even your social life.

There are steps needed to complete the surgical procedure. The plastic surgeon will ask you to log your migraine details for at least one month and you may well be recommended to get a CT scan of your sinuses. This will establish which trigger sites should be targeted by the procedure. The surgical plan will be prepared after a trial of Botox injections and this will be discussed with you. Depending on how many trigger sites you have, the whole procedure will probably take about 2 and half hours. You can return to work in about a week. However, should nasal surgery be required for your treatment, it may take a bit longer than that.

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