Get a Proper Diagnosis with Ultrasounds

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Diagnosis with Ultrasounds

A correct diagnosis is vital for your health, and an ultrasound may be the best way to obtain accurate and helpful information. Whether to check your growing baby’s health or another health issue that may need imaging, an ultrasound Memorial City may be the best solution for you. You can schedule a visit with your doctor anytime to get the best evaluation and diagnosis.

What is an ultrasound?

An ultrasound, also known as sonography, is a medical screening method using sound waves to give images of the internal structures of your body. The photos may be a source of essential information for diagnosing a disease or condition to choosing proper treatment. An ultrasound is a very safe test as it does not use any radiation; therefore, it cannot affect your baby or your internal organs.

Why do I need an obstetrics ultrasound?

Ultrasounds may be part of your care routines when you are pregnant. You may need an ultrasound to monitor the health of your developing fetus. You may also have an ultrasound if you want to determine the sex of your unborn child. Your doctor may also recommend an ultrasound if you are not pregnant but are developing symptoms that make it necessary to have an ultrasound. Some of the symptoms may include:

·                     Pelvic discomfort and pain

·                     Heavy menstrual flows

·                     Irregular bleeding of the uterus

·                     Possibility of ovarian and uterine cancers

Your health practitioner may discourage the need for ultrasounds if there is no medical benefit or reasons. There may also be instances when your doctor may recommend a transvaginal ultrasound. An ultrasound of this kind may give a clear image of the uterus lining and the ovaries to check the symptoms suggesting fibroids.

What is the procedure during an ultrasound?

You may need no earlier preparations for an ultrasound, though there may be cases when your doctor may need your bladder full, or you may have to fast for some hours before an ultrasound. It will depend on the ultrasound you need. If you need a pregnancy ultrasound, the first step may be to apply a lubricant to your skin. The lube will reduce friction, so your doctor will easily rub the transducer on your skin. The transducer transmits sound waves through your body, and the waves are read back into a computer, forming images your doctor can interpret. You may need a transvaginal ultrasound that examines the reproductive organs. Your doctor may insert the transducer into your vagina to study your internal organs. The process is not painful. The transvaginal ultrasound may be vital if you have abnormal vaginal bleeding, infertility or if your doctor is checking for cysts. There may be cases when your doctor may perform a transvaginal ultrasound if you are pregnant. These cases may include:

·                     Diagnosing a possible miscarriage

·                     Examination of the placenta for any abnormalities

·                     Abnormal bleeding

After the ultrasound, your doctor will discuss your finding, and if you require treatment, they will create a specialized treatment plan for you.

If you need an ultrasound, visit Memorial Women’s Specialists today to find out more or book your appointment online.

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