Eliminating Balding and Thinning of your Hair with PRP treatment

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Hair Loss

Experiencing hair loss at any age is a common problem affecting many people either as a hereditary condition or an underlying cause. Thinning or balding of the hair may cause one to be embarrassed and keep covering their heads. Downtown DC hair loss treatment is the best and most effective solution for your hair loss issues. These highly experienced dermatologists use a safe and effective treatment to restore your hair.

What should you know about hair loss?

Hair loss is simply the loss of hair from your head, a condition also known as Alopecia. You may lose your hair gradually over time, or it may be an abrupt occurrence depending on the cause. You may lose hair due to many reasons:

·                     Androgenic Alopecia

This condition is hair loss as a hereditary factor and is the most common cause of hair loss that affects a larger population. It entails female pattern baldness and male pattern baldness. You may experience this hair loss gradually. In women, the scalp starts thinning all over and may widen. While in males, thinning happens at the crown of the head.

·                     Alopecia areata

This condition results when your immune system starts attacking your hair follicles and causing bald patches, either small or large, and can even lead to total hair loss.

Other causes of hair loss may include:

·                     Hormonal irregularities

·                     Side effects of medications

·                     Hair products and hairstyles

What are the symptoms of hair loss?

You may start experiencing a loss of hair than is expected, which may be difficult to notice. Some of the symptoms you should take note of include:

·                     Receding hairline

·                     Bald patches

·                     Loose hair

·                     Widening part

How can you benefit from hair loss treatment?

You may have to consult with your dermatologist to see if you are a candidate for hair loss treatment. Your doctor may evaluate to get the proper treatment. Metroderm DC: Medical, Laser, and Aesthetic Dermatology Center have a highly specialized and certified team that will offer PRP treatment and platelet-rich plasma to treat your hair loss. You may qualify for this treatment if your hair loss is hereditary. This safe and highly effective treatment is from your blood sample containing a high concentration of platelets. Platelets prompt the release of growth factors and proteins that support healing.

What happens during a PRP hair loss treatment?

Your doctor may first draw your blood sample from your arm to make the PRP. Your doctor may then inject the treatment into your scalp in the areas where you are experiencing balding and thinning. PRP properties will reactivate the hair follicles, extending your hair growth cycle. Your doctor may recommend monthly injections for the first three months; then, you can repeat the injections after six months. This regular injection will serve to boost your hair follicles. You may start noticing your hair getting thicker after your second treatment.

If you are experiencing thinning and balding and seeking a treatment plan, consult the facility or request your appointment online.

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