Effective Management and Treatment of High Blood Pressure

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Treatment of High Blood Pressure

Hypertension is a grave health concern that needs quick response if detected. It may easily lead to death or other chronic illnesses if left untreated. There is a family practice physician Lady Lake offering very effective management and treatments for high blood pressure for you and your family. The team is dedicated to giving you the best remedies to help boost your health.

What should you know about high blood pressure?

It can also be known as hypertension and refers to a condition where your blood pressure is so high that it causes serious health issues like heart disease. This means that the force the blood in your body exerts on the walls of arteries as blood leaves the heart is very high. This condition may force your blood vessels and heart to work with complexity and in a less efficient manner. If it continues, there may be damage to your blood arteries. If the damage happens, cholesterol may attach to the injury within the walls of your artery, thus forming plaque. This lousy cholesterol may bring rise to several conditions that include:

·                     Heart failure or attack

·                     Stroke

·                     Aneurysm

·                     Diseases of the kidney

It may be difficult to notice any symptoms of high blood pressure. Therefore, it is best to get yourself regular tests and screenings.

What are the causes of high blood pressure?

High blood pressure can either belong to the following types:

·                     Primary high blood pressure

This form happens over time, and there is no known cause for it.

·                     Secondary high blood pressure

This form may develop if you may have an underlying condition. It may just appear and lead to much higher pressure in the blood than is the case in primary high blood pressure. These conditions may include:

·                     Diseases of the kidney

·                     Thyroid problems

·                     Particular medications like OTC drugs

·                     Congenital diseases

There may also be certain risk factors that may elevate your chances of developing hypertension:

·                     Age factor; as you get older, you are at a higher risk of developing high blood pressure

·                     Consumption of diets with less vitamin D

·                     Obesity and overweight issues

How can hypertension be treated?

Your doctor may have to carry out an extensive evaluation of your health and ask you questions about your medical history. Your doctor may measure your blood pressure in both of your arms and note any differences. Once your doctor has established your diagnosis, you can start your treatment.  Your doctor may recommend a change in some specific lifestyle habits, such as:

·                     Regular physical exercises

·                     Constant maintenance of a healthy weight

·                     Reduce alcohol intake

·                     Consumption of a diet with less salt.

If the lifestyle changes won’t work for you, your doctor may give specific prescriptions that may depend on your health condition. You should always follow the medications given to you to avoid the risk of a further increase in blood pressure.

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