Different Types of Spine Surgery Performed at McNulty Spine

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Spine Surgery

Millions of people experience a wide range of traumatic experiences that affect the spine. The resulting impaired function and debilitating pain affect people and prevent them from enjoying everyday lives and working. In such cases, you will require a visit to the McNulty Spine center for spine surgery to correct a condition or injury impacting the neck or back. Here are various types of spinal surgery that can help individuals with spinal issues:

1. Lumbar Discectomy

A lumbar discectomy is a spine surgery performed on a patient’s lower back region with a disc injury. You can undergo open spine surgery or microendoscopic discectomy when you have a lumbar discectomy.

The open spine version is the most common procedure performed for most patients with herniated disc-related complications in the lumbar area.

2. Spinal Fusion Surgery

During the surgery, to correct the spinal fusion problem, the surgeon will connect two neighboring vertebrae in your body to prevent pain from developing when the two vertebrae move against each other. Additionally, the surgeon uses rods and miniature screws to connect the vertebrae. After the procedure, the vertebrae are left to fuse and heal naturally.

The physician handling the surgery may also retract a small bone graft from a different body part to support the fuse of the vertebrae.

3. Herniated Disc Surgery

You will require surgery to correct the affected parts of the herniated disc when you experience an injury. During Herniated Disc Surgery, the surgeon will remove the entire disc or some parts of the affected region. The surgeon may remove the disc to fuse the two adjacent vertebrae to reduce the painful experience.

Spinal fusion is conducted with a lot of care because it can interfere with the movement of a section of the back area. Therefore, it would be best to pick a facility with the latest surgical equipment and an experienced physician who can guarantee a safe and less risky surgery.

4. Lumbar Decompression Surgery

Lumbar Decompression Surgery is also known as a lumbar laminectomy. This surgery is performed to repair the narrowing of the spinal canal. During the surgery, the entire damaged or some part of the lamina rubbing against the spine will be removed, which was causing excruciating pain.

In lumber decompression surgery, pressure is exerted on the spinal cord because of the age-related narrowing of the spinal canal. The surgery aims to widen the spinal canal to release tension. Therefore, the surgeon can remove excess tissue or bone spurs.

4. Artificial Disk Replacement

Artificial disk replacement or arthroplasty is performed to remove a disk causing problems at the back or around the neck region. The surgeon will replace the affected disc with an artificial one.

Usually, the disc is replaced with a metallic, plastic, or disc with a combination of both metal and plastic. This surgery aims to ensure that a patient can enjoy a normal motion between the vertebrae.

Artificial disk replacement can also be used in some situations as an alternative to spinal fusion. Additionally, it can help restore height between the nerve roots region and the vertebrae.

Overall, numerous types and treatment approach for injuries around the spine and spine surgery exist. It would be best to consult your orthopedic surgeon for help to determine which kind of surgery or therapy suits you. Contact McNulty Spine for any spine-related issues or schedule an appointment to get immediate assistance to restore your health.

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