Did You Know You Can Avoid Premature Skin Aging?

by John
Premature Skin Aging

Aging is a fact of life that is inevitable. It comes with specific symptoms like fine lines and wrinkles in your skin. You might not have much to do with the natural aging process itself, but you can control the effects accompanying the process. You can work with a Plano anti-aging & hormone specialist to understand your best treatment option to counter the aging effects. But since the aging process will not stop after treatment, you need more therapy to know how to preserve the results and limit their occurrence. Here is what you can do.

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

The direct UV rays from the sun are among the main contributors to skin aging signs. Therefore, it would be beneficial to protect your skin from direct sunlight every day. This will maintain your results after an anti-aging treatment and minimize the aging effects in the future. Sun protection is necessary whenever you are out in the sun, such as at the beach or doing your daily activities outdoors. You can also seek shade and wear sun-protective clothing like hats and sunglasses.

Invest in Self Tanner

Tanning is good but can cause more harm to your skin than benefits. Consider this; you prematurely age our skin when you get a tan. Getting a tan from the sun, indoor training equipment, or a tanning bed may enhance your skin aging signs. All such sources of tan emit UV rays just like the sun, which are harmful to your skin. It can accelerate the rate at which your skin is aging.

Eat Healthily

Studies have found that some foods are healthy for your skin’s health and could minimize the damage leading to premature aging. Consider adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily menu to improve your skin’s health. The studies suggest that diets with more sugars and refined carbohydrates accelerate skin aging. Therefore, you can avoid such diets to prevent premature aging.

Restrain from Alcohol and Smoking

Alcohol is detrimental to your skin as it is for your overall well being. It is a major cause of dehydration to your skin, damaging the skin over time. You might be looking older due to your alcohol drinking habit. Also, please quit smoking if you smoke. It will speed up your skin aging causing wrinkles and fine lines, and a dull, sallow complexion.

Pay Attention to Your Facial Expressions

Yes! Most facial expressions are involuntary. But you can avoid repetitive expressions, making you appear older than you are. A facial expression is made when you contract an underlying muscle. When this happens repetitively, the forms of the expression lines due to the contraction of the same forces can become permanent over time. If you squint a lot, you can reduce line formation by wearing sunglasses.

Cleanse Your Skin

Scrubbing has its gains but can irritate your skin, accelerating skin aging. Instead of scrubbing, it is better you wash gently when removing pollution, makeup, or other substances. It is recommended that you wash your face twice every day and anytime you sweat. Additionally, you can consider applying a facial moisturizer every day. Talk to your doctor to understand the right products for you.

If you feel young, but your skin speaks otherwise, you will definitely gain from anti-aging treatments. Reach out to the Riegel Center today for help. Your provider will examine your concerns and understand the cause to give you informed directions.

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