Diabetes Risk Factors: What You Need to Know

by John

About 23% of Americans with diabetes are unaware of their condition. Are you worried that you may be one of the people who does not know? Several variables can make you more likely to acquire diabetes. Some things you have no control over, and others you do. If you have any diabetes risk factors, make an appointment with Germantown diabetes specialist Dr. Rakesh Malik. With his expert team, Dr. Malik can assist you in preventing diabetes by helping you manage your health. Alternatively, if you have diabetes, he can assist you in managing it.

Unmanageable Diabetes Risk Factors

1.  Age

Aside from wrinkling and gray hair, growing older raises your chances of acquiring diabetes. Adults’ chances of developing diabetes begin to rise around 45 years. However, as more young persons are diagnosed, this number may decline.

2.   Family History

If any of your near relatives have diabetes, you are more likely to get it as well.

3.   Ethnic Background

Certain ethnic groups, such as Pacific Islanders, African Americans, Asians, Native Americans, and Latino Americans, are predisposed to diabetes.

4.   Gestational Diabetes

You may be more prone to acquire type 2 diabetes as you age if you develop diabetes while pregnant, often known as gestational diabetes. Additionally, mothers who had newborns weighing 9 pounds or more at delivery have a higher risk of diabetes.

Manageable Diabetes Risk Factors

You cannot manage the passage of time or genetics, but there are a few things you could do to lower your chances of contracting diabetes, including:

  1.   Weight: Obesity and Overweight

Excessive weight could be the most important risk factor for developing type 2 diabetes. About 90% of persons with type 2 diabetes are obese or overweight. Studies are not certain how weight influences diabetes risk. Nonetheless, they think that it has something to do with your body’s sensitivity to insulin, making it less efficient.

  1.   High Cholesterol or Hypertension

If you suffer from high cholesterol levels or hypertension, you are more susceptible to diabetes.

  1.  Sedentary Lifestyle

It is difficult enough to balance life and work, let alone fit in a workout routine. However, if you do not make time to be physically active, you may increase your likelihood of diabetes.

How to Mitigate Risk Factors for Diabetes

If you are worried about diabetes, changing your lifestyle can help you lower your risk. If you are overweight, develop a weight loss plan. Even if you only lose 5% of your weight, it could make a tremendous effect. If you are now at a healthy weight but have some non-manageable diabetes risk factors, do all you can to sustain it.

Healthy foods should make up the majority of your diet. Not only will consuming more vegetables, fruits, lean protein sources, whole grains, and healthy foods help you lose weight, but it can also enhance cholesterol and blood pressure.

To counteract your sedentary lifestyle, your doctor may suggest a minimum of 30 minutes of workout five times every week. Walking is one of the most effective and simple strategies to increase your daily activity.

Are you experiencing constant urination, increased thirst or hunger, unexplained weight loss, or other early warning signs of diabetes? If so, do not hesitate to talk to a specialist about your concerns. Whether you have diabetes or are more susceptible to developing the condition, Rakesh Malik, MD, and his team can help. For expert care, call the office of Doctors First or request an appointment online today.

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