Dental Digital Impressions, What You Need to Know

by John
Dental Digital Impressions

Did you know smiling improves your health and lowers your risk for heart disease? A good smile also makes you attractive. But it’s not just any smile; it involves healthy teeth and gums. If you are not comfortable with your smile, you can always seek treatments to improve your smile. Freedom Orthodontics’s Cedar Park digital impressions specialists offer high-quality and advanced care to improve your smile. Here is everything you should know about digital impressions.

What are digital impressions?

It resembles your mouth and helps your dental provider design your treatment plan. A dental impression is essential in creating your orthodontic treatment plan, such as Invisalign.

Traditional dental impressions involve biting into putty to create your teeth impression. However, with the advance in technology, digital impressions are now functional where it involves using a 3D intraoral scanner to take your mouth impression.

Using computer technology, the scanner takes several pictures of your mouth to form a virtual replica of your dental tissues.

When do you need digital impressions?

Your dental provider uses digital impressions during your orthodontic treatment planning stage. Every orthodontic treatment requires a digital impression to plan and point out the important details of your treatment.

A digital impression is also beneficial when preparing for plastic retainers and Invisalign. Usually, the treatment involves using removable trays that fit in your teeth. Your provider uses digital impressions to create models that fit exactly in your mouth.

What are the advantages of digital impressions?

Unlike traditional dental molds, digital impressions have various advantages.

·         Digital impressions are easy to take, and the experience is comfortable. Your provider gently moves the camera around your mouth, and it’s done within a few seconds. The traditional molds are so uncomfortable that you sometimes need to gag to prevent the putty from sliding down your throat.

·         Digital impressions use the advanced technique of the 3D camera, which enhances accurate results compared to traditional molds.

·         It’s easy to upload digital impressions into a computer allowing fast transfer to the labs and immediate results.

·         Cost friendly

How does a digital impression happen?

The first step involves your provider preparing your oral tissues by removing saliva or fluid covering your teeth. Then they use the intraoral scanner that takes 3D pictures, which you or your provider can view on the monitor. Your provider glides the scanner to the affected area for precise results.

Your dentist uses a screen to view, review and analyze the accuracy of your digital images. Then they sent the impressions to a dental laboratory, where the impressions are manufactured and polished for the patient’s use.

Digital impressions are available in two forms, digital pictures and digital videos. The short time involved in producing the images allows your provider to view and modify your dental image to promote accuracy.

Dental digital impressions are scan images of your teeth. They are critical in creating and designing various orthodontic treatments, including braces, Invisalign, and retainers. Unlike traditional molds, digital impressions enhance accuracy and are convenient and efficient. Talk to Freedom Orthodontics today or visit their website to book your appointment online.

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