Common Ways to Treat Warts

by John

Most people take care of their skin through measures such as scrubbing and moisturizing. However, despite these efforts, various conditions affect the individual’s skin. For example, some people have been affected by warts. These are small lumps that happen on the individual’s feet and hands. Even though they are not dangerous, they are uncomfortable, contagious, painful, and embarrassing. Due to their impact, there have been increases in people seeking treatment for Mill Creek warts. The following are the common types of warts.  


The specialist sprays liquid nitrogen onto the wart to destroy the cells. This spray will cause the blister to develop, scab over, and finally, fall off. After the healthcare provider carries out cryotherapy, you will undergo treatments to recover fully.

Duct Tape

You should use silver duct tape to cover the wart for approximately a week. After the period elapses, you should ensure that you soak it in water for some time. After the soaking, you should remove the dead tissue with caution. The tissue is removed by the disposable emery board or pumice stone. You should then leave the wart exposed for approximately twelve hours and repeat this procedure until when the wart is entirely gone.  


The specialist can also apply the cantharidin with other chemicals to warts. Even though this process is painless, it creates a blister that is uncomfortable for the individual. The blister is critical since, as it forms, it lifts the wart from the skin. This makes it easier for the specialist to remove the dead part of the wart.

Candida Antigen Shots

In some instances, the doctors opt to inject   Candida albicans extract, an infectious yeast, into the wart. In normal circumstances, the person’s immune system recognizes the infection and attacks that site. The Candida antigen shots will also lead to the removal of warts, even though the efficacy of the treatments can change from one individual to another. The success rate of wart removal usually varies from 39-87%.

Salicylic Acid

The person can also decide to use salicylic acid at home. You are required to use it daily for weeks or months. To attain the best impact, you should soak the wart in warm water for several minutes before applying it. Then, you should file away any existing dead skin with a pumice stone or disposable emery board between the treatments. If your skin suffers irritation, you should control how often you apply this product. Besides, if you are pregnant, you should seek the specialist’s advice before using the acid solution.


The doctors recommend surgery if all the other treatment methods have failed. The specialist can use the laser treatment by applying the high-powered laser device to damage the wart tissue and exclude any other remains. The other option is electrosurgery, where the wart tissue is burnt with an electric implement. The specialist can also use incision by shaving or cutting off the wart under local anesthesia.   Most surgical procedures leave visible marks; even if the wart goes away naturally, it will not have any scar.

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