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by John
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Are you looking for ways to get a tan fast this summer? Not everybody’s got hours to spend every week out in the sun. If you don’t have the time to lay outside next to the pool or you don’t live in a place conducive to getting a natural outdoor tan, then you need new ways to get a great tan fast.

These days, thankfully, it’s easier than ever. There are new ways to get a nice tan that doesn’t require sitting out in the sun all day on the weekend. The tanning industry has come a long way, and there are products that are relatively affordable that will do the trick nicely.

Let’s explore how you can get a fantastic tan that looks natural and won’t take forever. They’ll help you look energized and sun-kissed before you hit the beach this summer.

Use Some Tanning Oils

If you live in a place with strong sun, you can get a tan surprisingly fast by using high-quality tanning oil. Tanning lotions are available at most stores with skincare products, and they won’t break the bank.

Using tanning lotion is like putting a magnifying glass on your skin when you’re out in the sun. The oils get into your pores and the sun penetrates as well, making your skin look bronze and darker in no time. Most tanning oils come with cacao butter, shea butter, and other active ingredients conducive to getting a nice tan.

Just make sure you alternate using sunscreen and tanning oil, especially if you’re paler than you’d like to be. If you only use oil and sit out for hours, odds are you’ll get sunburned, and when your skin peels it will take your tan with it.

Get a Spray Tan

Spray tans are great when you need a quality tan in a jiffy. People use spray tan salons for things like weddings and vacations where they want a specific shade of bronze for things like pictures or a meetup with old friends. The great thing about spray tans is that you can choose what shade of tan you want, and then in a few minutes, you’re good to go! All you have to do is let it set and you’re looking tan for weeks.

Spray-on tans look great, and they last now for up to a few weeks. It’s a terrific way to get the tan you want without roasting under the sun. Just make sure you go online and read reviews to find a good place to do it for you. The wrong salon or inexperienced tanning technicians can put it on poorly and you’ll end up with lines and streaks.

Use a Tanning Bed

Of course, you can always opt for a supercharged tanning bed in your local tanning salon. Over the past several years, there has been an explosion in the number of tanning salons dotting every city and town across the country. These days, it’s hard to drive five minutes without passing a tanning salon.

With a tanning bed, you can adjust the intensity to speed up your timeline to get a tan fast. As usual, though, listen to the advice of the technicians. You don’t want to get a tan faster than they recommend.

Beware that some places require a recurring membership to use the tanning beds, so make sure you call ahead to ask if you can do it on a per-visit basis instead of locking yourself into something like an annual membership.

Melanotan 2 research and Skin Pigmentation

The peptide Melanotan 2, or MT-2 for short, is also linked to tanning. It was originally created at the University of Arizona in the 1980s to be used as a sunless tanning option. In research done on MT-2, rodents given the peptide experienced darkened skin. It does this by stimulating melanocytes in the body. You can purchase melanotan 2  research purposes on Peptide Sciences.

If you live somewhere that doesn’t get a lot of hot sun, or you’re just pressed for time and won’t have the free time to lay out before the upcoming pool season, there are other options that will get your tan where you want it. It may cost you a bit of money, but the payoff is well worth it. You’ll be looking and feeling great when it counts the most.

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