All You Need To Learn About Pelvic pain

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Pelvic pain

There are different types of pelvic pains that affect women. Some women may experience ongoing pain around the abdomen, while others experience intermittent pain. Besides, some women can suffer from pelvic pain that spreads out from a specific waist point. Also, your pelvic pain might be sharp and throbbing. Like any other pain, pelvic pain can affect your life. Doctors advise that when your pelvic pain becomes chronic, you should immediately seek medical help because it could point to a severe condition. Specialists in pelvic pain South Charleston have an up-to-date diagnostic and treatment center for all types of pelvic pain. As you focus on this article, you will know much more about pelvic pain.

Instances You Need Instant Medical Attention

It becomes an alarm if you experience pelvic pain and other symptoms such as bleeding and spotting. Therefore if you observe you have abnormal vaginal bleeding, seek immediate consultation. You might experience deteriorating menstrual cramps. If you have fever, diarrhea, or bloating while having pelvic pain, visit your doctor. You can also have pelvic pain accompanied by fever, a burning sensation while urinating, and bloody urine, which should trigger immediate medical attention.

Possible Causes of Pelvic Pain

  • Endometriosis

The above condition affects women causing them chronic pelvic pain. The women develop endometrium lining in other body parts other than the uterus. During the menstrual cycle, the details with the endometrium also respond to hormones, and they also bleed, causing pelvic inflammation.

·         Ovarian Cysts

You can suffer from ovarian cysts if your ovaries do not release the ovum as expected because the follicles have failed to open or have fluid. Cysts form and cause you to experience bloating and pain on the affected side. If the cyst bursts, you will experience sharp shooting pain in the pelvis.

·         Ectopic Pregnancy

There are instances where women who conceive but the embryo implants outside the uterus experience pelvic pain that threatens their lives. If you have pelvic pain, you will experience sharp pain and cramping on one pelvic side. Ectopic pregnancy can threaten your life, and that is why you should see a doctor immediately if you are experiencing the above conditions.

What Happens During Consultation

The doctor will take down your history during the consultation, especially medical, gynecological, and family history. You will explain how frequently you experience the symptoms and their intensity. The doctor will recommend specific tests such as urine tests to check for urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases. Also, you can undergo an ultrasound to check whether you have fibroids, cysts, and fibroids. If, after these tests, the doctor cannot ascertain any possible cause of pain, you will need to undergo a minimally invasive diagnostic surgery to evaluate and remove endometriosis. Upon establishing the cause of the pain, the doctor will prescribe antibiotics, hormone treatments, or surgery.

Pelvic pain can make you not leave a fulfilling life because it interferes with your functionality. If your pelvic pain intensity and frequency increase with time, you should visit Patel & Patel, M.D. Inc. for diagnosis and treatment. Do not let pelvic pain develop and affect other organs; schedule an appointment today.

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