Achieve Smooth Glowing Skin Photofacials

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Smooth Glowing Skin Photofacials

While skincare routines are a great way of achieving smooth glowing skin, they may not be effective for specific forms of hyperpigmentation. If you are looking for non-invasive skin treatment for wrinkles, dark spots, or large pores, you may benefit from IPL Photofacial The Woodlands at Woodlands Aesthetics. The procedure guarantees smooth, glowing skin that will mesmerize your loved ones.

Imperfections that photo facials address

A photo facial is an aesthetic skin rejuvenation procedure that utilizes intense pulsed light (IPL) to stimulate skin rejuvenation, enhancing your skin appearance. Your provider uses the Limelight IPL to transmit an array of green light wavelengths to the treatment at once. During your initial appointment, your provider discusses your most pressing skin imperfections to determine if the treatment is proper for you.

Dark spots such as melasma, age spots, freckles, and other forms of pigmentation tell a story of long periods to spend under direct sunlight. The Woodlands Aesthetics team uses intense pulsed light to heat the dark spots without interfering with the surrounding tissues. The gentle heat disintegrates the pigmented areas and stimulates your body’s natural healing powers. The treatment also targets broken or dilated blood vessels that interfere with your natural beauty. The Limelight IPL targets the dilated blood vessels resulting in closure and fading.

A photofacial can also address rosacea. The gentle heat targets irritated skin and triggers skin renewal. This treatment bypasses the top skin layer to the inner layers to trigger collagen and elastin production, restoring skin firmness and plumpness. Elastin enhances skin elasticity making you look several years younger than you are. Even if you don’t have a specific skin concern, you can rely on the treatment to give you smooth, clear skin and a youthful glow.

What to expect during a photofacial

During your appointment, the Woodlands Aesthetics team discusses your goals and expectations, performs a thorough skin exam, and reviews your medical history before developing an individualized treatment plan. Afterwards, your provider hands your protective eyewear and then cleans your skin. The team then lightly applies a cooling gel over the target area. During the treatment, you may experience a deep warmth for some time. After the procedure, you are free to go back home.

What to expect after a photofacial

Immediately after the treatment, your face may have a slight burning sensation and mild redness for two days. Over time the areas with hyperpigmentation and brown spots may begin looking like tiny spots as your skin regenerates. Most people start enjoying the excellent results within a week. Although one treatment session is enough to transform your appearance, your provider may recommend 3-5 treatments to achieve optimal results.

After treatment, you may need to use sun protection and adhere to a skincare routine to maintain your excellent results. Don’t allow skin pigmentations and signs of aging to make you appear older and less attractive than you are. Photofacials are noninvasive and have little or no downtime.

For more information about photo facials, call Woodlands Aesthetics or use the online booking button to schedule an appointment.

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