5 Reasons You May Need Dental Fillings

by John

Teeth are prone to damage caused by wear and tear, decay, injury, and cavities. Dentists have been putting fillings in teeth for hundreds of years to preserve them. Although filling a cavity is the most common use of dental fillings Richmond , there are other applications as well. Here are five important reasons for getting dental fillings;

1.      All Types of Cavities Require Prompt Dental Fillings

If you have a cavity that has to be removed and then filled with a dental filling, only a dentist will be able to tell. Your dentist will take out the afflicted part of the tooth and then place a filling if you have dental decay that results in the creation of a cavity. It is possible for this filling to last anywhere from five years to many decades

2.      A Fractured Tooth Might Require a Dental Filling

In many instances, a white composite filling can repair a damaged tooth. Teeth can break for several causes. Some of these fractures are caused by physical contact experienced when participating in athletic activities. A tooth fracture can also result from a fall, a car accident, or contact with the mouth region. Using a pencil or pen as a chewing object can fracture teeth. A cracked tooth can result even from age. To prevent your teeth from such fractures when playing sports, use a mouth guard at all times. You might be shocked by how effective dental fillings are when discussing the advantages of utilizing them to repair shattered teeth.

3.      Dental Fillings can Help Even Little Holes in Teeth

Sometimes a patient will benefit from a filling if they have tiny holes in one or more teeth. These small holes are not really cavities. Even while these holes might not even be uncomfortable, they nevertheless need to be filled. If you do not visit a dentist to repair these tiny holes, food particles and germs can build up in these small holes in teeth, leading to tooth decay. Furthermore, they can get larger if these holes are not repaired immediately.

4.      Dental Fillings for Teeth with Discoloration

Some dentists use fillings to repair teeth that are severely stained over time from exposure to coffee, wine,  soda, sweets, and other acidic foods and drinks. Even grinding and using your teeth to open objects will fade your skin’s color. Consult your dentist about the possibilities of placing a filling if you have stained teeth.

5.      A Filling has to be Replaced

A dental filling is not permanent. They will become worn out, fracture, and chip with time. They may even split from the tooth at times and fall out. When this occurs, bacteria may be present on your teeth in places that are difficult to remove.

Dental fillings can do more than just put a stop to cavity development. They improve the structure of your teeth and strengthen your teeth. In addition, they release fluoride from your teeth to avoid tooth decay.

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