4 Ways to Treat Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

Injuries have been a common phenomenon in sports. After the injuries, the players suffer from reduced effectiveness or fail to play matches while waiting for recovery. Even though players recover from some injuries naturally, some injuries require medical attention. However, there has been a shortage of health practitioners to treat sports injuries. This is why Portland non-operative orthopaedic specialist have been stationed to help the players gain full recovery in a shorter time.

There are different causes of sports injuries. The player can suffer from the injury because of poor training practices, improper warm-up, the incorrect wearing of sports gear, or poor health conditions. The following are measures that can be employed to treat sports injuries.

Rest / Immobilization

After having an injury, the player should consider immobilization since it helps the injured player from worsening the condition. Since the injured muscle is weak after an injury, it could have more negative impacts if a player strains the muscle. Reducing the movement also helps the player reduce the pain or muscle swelling and spasms. After sustaining the injury, the player should lay down immediately in a comfortable place. The medical team should also use slings, splints, and casts to reduce the movements of the injured player as they heal. The player can also use crutches or a walking stick to reduce the weight on the knee or ankle.


            Physiotherapy is crucial for the players recovering from sustained injuries. It is one of the specialist treatment measures that use several mechanisms such as exercises, manipulation, and massage. These mechanisms aim to improve the functioning of different muscles by increasing their strength. Besides, the injured area can eventually start operating normally through massage and manipulation. The physiotherapist helps create the exercise schedule for the injured players, which would enhance the motion of their affected organs. These exercises help to reduce the chances of those injuries occurring again.

Corticosteroid injections

Sometimes the players may experience severe inflammation. In such cases, the corticosteroid injection is an effective measure of treatment. This measure of treatment helps to reduce pain associated with players’ injuries. However, the impact of this injection in minimizing pain has a short period. Therefore, the injured players should use the corticosteroid injections at a certain interval within the year, such as two times. The specialists administering this injection to players explain their side effects, including thinning of the skin.

Surgery and Procedures

 Severe injuries in sports such as broken bones necessitate surgery. The broken and dislocated bones require correcting to their original positions. The specialist can conduct the corrective treatment through surgery, which involves fixing bones with some devices such as screws, plates, wires, and rods. These devices help in realigning the bones which have dislocated. The surgery follows certain procedures, which gives the injured player ample time for healing.

Get a Sports Injury Specialist

Most players have suffered from prolonged sports injuries, which hampers their careers. However, you should now relax since David Westerdahl, MD, the sports medicine physician at Sports Health Northwest, Inc, offers the best injury treatment, which speeds up the players’ recovery. The specialist will offer you quality services helping your sports career to thrive again.

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