3 Key Benefits to Meditation and How You Can Start

by John

Meditation is often seen as something that only gurus do or something that is only done by martial artists, but the truth is far different. Anyone can start meditating, just stop talking to yourself in your head, not as easy as it sounds. If you have ever wondered if there are any major benefits to meditation and would like to at least start moving forward, then you’re going to find out shortly. Before diving in however, make sure that you’re ready to slow things down in your life so that you can get the maximum rewards from this ancient art of relaxation.

First and Foremost, the major benefit starts with relaxation and stress relief. These modern times can be quite difficult to manage. Millions of people are dealing with heavy stresses from work, home, and other situations that could cause havoc with the mind. Whether you’re working 9 to 5 in an office or you’re working from home, earning a living can pose quite a threat to the mind and when that happens, headache, anxiety, stress, and much more ensues. In order to pause those ill feelings and get the mind focused on positive energy, meditation comes into play.

The Second and Arguably the Important, if less tangible, reason to meditate is that it can bring about a better quality of life. Meditation is mental exercise, it is how we learn to place our attention right where and when we want it, to control the emotions so they do not become overwhelming, and to find contentment within our lives. Life is full of all kinds of troubles and stresses, many of these are beyond our control but we can control how we perceive theme and therefore how we react to them. How many times have you been mad and thinking about what you were going to say to this person if they say this thing or that thing? Your all angry and upset thinking about this possible future scenario when you are in a confrontation. But are you in a confrontation now? Is that person or thing that upset there? Live in the present moment, every moment, that is where it all happens.

Breathing and Exercise

Weight loss is another benefit that many people have experienced with this form of breathing and exercise. One of the many benefits of meditation is extended flexibility and energy. Because daily life can be so draining, taking a moment to reflect and reenergize can allow the body to sustain workouts and beyond. The practice allows for better balance, flexibility and energy to transfer in many ways. This is why many martial artists utilize meditation in their workouts, to align the energy of the body properly and perform special moves that require sound body and focus to perform. Even mixed martial artists and cage fighters have found the rewards of this focus in ring and outside of their given physical sport.

If you want to learn how to do this, you simply need to start with closing your eyes. Close your eyes and focus your energy something, traditionally it is your breath, but you can count or recite a prayer or poem. Start by counting backward from 100, if thoughts intrude simply ignore them and return to your counting. Count up to 40 now. Now that you have set your mind settle a bit shift your attention to your breathing, do not count the breaths, don’t comment on the breaths in your thoughts simply feel them. This practice of not talking to yourself in your head is called “non-thought”. The idea here is that you are not meant to be frozen but to be dynamic and silent, so as to let your self be aware of the present moment. Follow your breathing, hear any sounds around you, be aware of the space around you, of the building your in and of the vast infinite sky. It takes practice don’t get discouraged, it gets easier and very enjoyable.

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